small list of enjoyable places to visit

in no particular order they are :

http://www.chromasia.com/iblog/ - amazing and captivating website. Easily something to stare at

www.adbusters.org - culturally charged magazine that contains not a single advert. website is equally as provocative in content.

www.encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/ - huge amount of info; ranges from asphyxiation - zoolander/all that lies between

http://www.chuckpalahniuk.net - favorite books by this guy. wrote fightclub also

www.theparkas.com - friend Stewart's group of wickedness.

www.bi-torrent.com - download anything

www.phantomplanet.com - Just because they update it constantly and they're getting better every album

www.rotten.com - pictures that show just about everything good/bad/morbid in the world. People from hell created this page i guarantee it man.

www.sacredcow.com - bill hicks and other pioneers of freshness

www.soulseek.de - a billion times more useful than Kazaa for music to download. While your at it I recommend the follwing greatness : The decemberists, The French Kicks, Primal Scream, Spoon, The flashing lights, Ambulance LTD. , etc etc.



Hello ,my cronies

I haven't written anything since August so i thought i'd just say hi to anybody whos infrequently checked out this page ever. uhhmmm, if you've any reason to then yeah, go ahead. alright so sue me already . Oh yeah and read the book called Diary by Chuck Palahinuk and maybe his other stuff because its totally amazing the way he can so effortlessly mash sentences into your head. days later, and im finding myself daydreaming about certain parts all the time.
e302a@hotmail.com ...if you want. Im usually bored and looking for new ways to amuse myself around here. Its not like me to do things like this guys. But my guess is if your still reading , then hey............right?



just wanted to say Its so hard trying to run one of these here websites without looking like a total wanker. So I will avoid trying from now on. You've been warned. No more editing guys. life uncensored. . life typed out into a pile of words on your screen. Make of it what you will my dear buddies

black eyed angels , we shall swarm the seas

You mustn't read that book. and Don't you dare try and act those sentences out. your fingers tightly grip its spine, its coiled and bent yellow paper. the readers thoughts; gravitating towards the last page. smells of recycled souls short lived and cover torn. (-an excerpt from Ryans brain at 2:56am) ''''Signing off, pulling the plug for the evening



*the feeling of blood pounding in your ears your heart is pounding and you've got no control of your legs anymore your whole body is just a skeleton with skin falling off the bone and off your hips and dragging you down I just got off of the pavement and into the woods and now im running so hard so fast through the raindrops I become my surroundings and race foward they're close behind I can hear their sloppy shoes smack the mud sucked foward they're still chasing me how am I going to get away this time the air is motionless against my skin feels like. can't really exlpain ....useless unless im asleep


The wolves

Quantum immortality is the name for the speculation that a concious being simply cannot cease to be. The idea is highly controversial they say.check it out. do some research. i recommend : http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.comthats where i learned about this



You know whats gay?

when did it become uncool to enjoy the discovery channel? that is all.


Fucking exhaust it while we can, man!!

Excuse the spelling mistakes know whats freaky? maybe looking back in 50 years and wondering how we consumed all of our modern junk and toys up with practically no concern for the environment or mother nature. It's like all the top-dogs and who's who with the cash and the fast lifestyle folk out there might actually put their money to something that doesn't eat up our already choked and starved environment. not to mention choking the normal population with your "above -you" lifestyle so im leaving my ego at the door..I'm talking about spirtuality and wellbeing. Love, and creativity. Fucking exhaust it while we can, man!! The reason why people don't believe in god is because you can't touch or feel him. so i guess maybe our Material wealth is a quick fix...to tide us over and give us something to hold on to. my friends, when all is said and done and your heart stops beating, whatever table your lying on, look back and reflect 50,000 years from now, I just hope whatever coffin (or cloud) im resting atop is able to provide a little more truth then 2004 does.



I guess thats what makes it an idea ?But what makes it great....what makes it great is when its 4am and your interested in tinkering with just about anything you can dream up. But to think, someone is capitalizing . I wish it was me! its 2pm and im sitting here wishing it was something more then just 2pm . Sleep tonite

Why do they call it a log...and do pirates write their memoires?

Furthermore , this webpage is designed to be less tasteful than a dose of Danish porn in your Hotmail In-Box. It is here!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us go!!!!!!!! .......up and up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ü